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The application of auto emergency starting power in daily life
Jan 08, 2019

Cars: there are many kinds of starting current for lead-acid battery cars, roughly ranging from 350 to 1000 amps. The maximum starting current for lithium polymer cars should be 300-400 amps. In order to provide convenience, the emergency starting power of the car is compact, portable and durable, which is a good helper for emergency starting of the car. It can provide auxiliary starting power for most vehicles and a small number of ships. It can also be used as portable 12V dc power supply in case of leaving the car or emergency.

Notebook: the multi-functional emergency starting power supply of the car has 19V voltage output, which can provide a stable power supply voltage of the notebook, and ensure that some business people go out to reduce the battery life of the notebook, which will affect the work. Generally speaking, the 12000 mah polymer battery core can provide the notebook with a battery life of 240 minutes.

Mobile phone: the starting power of the car is also equipped with 5V power output, more support mobile phone, PAD, MP3 and other entertainment equipment battery life power supply.

Inflatable: equipped with inflatable pump and three air nozzles, it can be used to inflate automobile tires, inflatable valves and various kinds of balls.

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