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The control of a starter in a car
Jan 08, 2019

The control device of automobile starter includes electromagnetic switch, starting relay and ignition starting switch light components.

I. electromagnetic switch

1. Structure characteristics of electromagnetic switch

Electromagnetic switch is mainly composed of electromagnet mechanism and motor switch. The electromagnet mechanism consists of fixed core, movable core, drawing coil and holding coil. Fixed core fixed fixed, movable core can do axial movement in the copper sleeve. The front end of the movable core is fixed with a push rod, and the front end of the push rod is installed with a switch contact plate. The copper sleeve is equipped with a reset spring, which is used to reset movable parts such as movable iron core.

2. Working principle of electromagnetic switch

When the suction coil and the magnetic flux generated by the electrification of the coil are in the same direction, the electromagnetic suction is superimposed on each other, which can attract the moving core to move forward until the contact plate at the front of the push rod connects the contact point of the electric switch to the main circuit of the potential electric motor.

When the magnetic pain generated by the suction coil and the holding coil is in the opposite direction, the electromagnetic suction will offset each other. Under the action of the reset spring, movable core and other movable parts will be automatically reset, the contact plate will be disconnected from the contact, and the main circuit of the motor will be disconnected.

Ii. Starting relay

Starting relay consists of electromagnet mechanism and contact assembly. The coil is respectively connected with the ignition switch terminal and the binding terminal "E" on the housing, the fixed contact is connected with the starter terminal "S", and the active contact is connected with the battery terminal "BAT" through the contact arm and bracket. Starting relay contact is normally open. When the coil is energized, the core of the relay will generate electromagnetic force and make its contact close, so as to connect the attracting coil and holding coil circuit controlled by the relay.

1. Control circuit

The control circuit includes the starting relay control circuit and the starter electromagnetic switch control circuit.

The control circuit of starting relay is controlled by ignition switch, and the controlled object is relay coil circuit. When connected to the ignition switch starting block, the current from the battery politics through the starter power terminal to the ammeter, from the ammeter through the ignition switch, relay coil back to the battery cathode. So the relay core produces strong electromagnetic suction, is the relay contact closed, connected to the starter electromagnetic switch control circuit.

2. The main circuit

The circuit is: battery positive pole starter power terminal electromagnetic switch excitation winding resistance armature winding resistance iron battery negative pole, so the starter electromagnetic torque, starting engine.

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