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Types and characteristics of automobile emergency starting power supply
Jan 08, 2019

At present, there are several main types of emergency starting power supply in the world. For example, lead-acid batteries for electric bicycles and lithium batteries for mobile phone batteries do not run far enough to start a car.

1. Lead acids:

A. traditional flat-plate lead-acid battery: the advantages are cheap price, rough and durable, high temperature safety; Disadvantages is the heavy volume, frequent charging maintenance, dilute sulphuric acid easy leakage or failure, low temperature dry below 0 ℃.

B, winding battery: advantage is cheap, small, portable, high temperature, low temperature below 10 ℃ to use, simple maintenance, long service life. The disadvantage is that the size of lithium battery is larger, less function than lithium battery.

2. Lithium ions:

A. polymer lithium cobalt oxide battery: compact, beautiful, multi-functional, portable and long standby time; Disadvantages are high temperature explosion, low temperature can not be used, protection line is complex, can not overload, small capacity, high quality products expensive.

B, lithium iron phosphate batteries: advantage is small and portable, beautiful, long standby time, long service life, better than polymer battery high temperature resistant, low temperature below 10 ℃ can use; Defect is high temperature above 70 ℃ is unsafe, protection of circuit complexity, a winding battery capacity is small, price expensive polymer batteries.

3. Capacitors:

Ultracapacitor: compact and portable, great discharge current, quick charging, long life; Defect is high temperature above 70 ℃ is unsafe, minimum protection circuit complexity, capacity, price is very expensive.

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