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Mini Auto Battery Booster Jump Starter Pack

Veestb supply mini auto battery booster jump starter pack , we are one of the global leading lithium jump starter manufacturers in China, we also do OEM/ODM service for Opel/Foxconn/Shell/Wurth,we devoted ourselves many years in this field, and currently covering most of share market in Europe and North America....

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Product Features:

1. New 4 cells technology, voltage up to 16.8V;

2. 20000mAh capacity (real data);

3.16 protections, mainly:

4. Over-Discharge/Over-Current/Over-Temperature


5.Grade A 30C lithium battery;

6. V0 fireproof case;

7.Makes it easier to start almost all 12V cars, trucks, trailers etc. Approx 12V petrol 10.5L/diesel 9.0L





232*86*33mm (L/W/H)





Output 1:

12V (jump start)

Output 2:

5V/1A, 5V/2A
(digital devices)

Starting current:


Peak current:


Full charging time:

about 7 hours

Operating temperature:



>1000 cycles


10pcs/CTN;G.W: 16KG;
CTN size:46*39*32cm


1.Emergency power to jump start 12V power off vehicles;

2.Back-up power to charge cellphones and other digital devices;

3.Integrated LED light: torch, flashing, SOS;

When to use:

1.Leave car unsed for a long time;

2.Car battery aged;

3.Forget to turn off car lights;

4.Car battery freezing to be inactive;

5.Even car battery broken.


1: What happens if I accidentally touch the cable clamps together or connect it to the car battery backwards (Reverse Polarity)?

A: The Ver. 3.0 jumper cables have a RED error LED that will repeatedly flash and you will hear a continuous audible beeping to alert you of the mistake. No need to worry though, it is perfectly safe and it will not cause sparks. The Ver. 3.0 Cables have built in circuitry that will prevent power delivery from the Veestb unit, unless the cables are connected to a car battery correctly. Simply disconnect the cable clamps from the battery and unplug the cable clamps from the Veestb unit to reset it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only the newest Ver. 3.0 jumper cables have Reverse Polarity Protection. Previous version jumper cables do not have Reverse Polarity Protection and will damage the cables if the clamps are accidentally touched together or if you accidentally connect it to the car battery backwards.

We recommend that if you have an older version jumper cable, please visit our accessories product page to purchase the newest Ver. 3.0 jumper cables for 100% safety.

2: How long can the Veestb hold its charge on standby?

A: Depending on the storage and temperature conditions, in most case it can retain about 50% of its rated capacity for up to one year. However, for absolute optimal performance, and assurance we strongly recommend charging the device at least every 3-6 months, after initial charge to keep it fully charged and ready when you need it for an emergency.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Different Veestb models’ standby times will vary.


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