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Medium Duty Truck Jump Starter

Veestb supply medium duty truck jump starter, we are one of the global leading lithium jump starter manufacturers in China, we also do OEM/ODM service for Opel/Foxconn/Shell/Wurth,we devoted ourselves many years in this field, and currently covering most of share market in Europe and North America....

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Product Features:

1.42000mAh(real data), dual core, the most mini 24V jump starter;

2.Work for 12V vehicles and 24V heavy duty autos;

Truck, bus, boat, helicopter, trailer, excavator, crane;

16 protections, mainly:



5.Grade A 30C lithium battery;

6.V0 fireproof case;

7. Our maxmum test is Hino 700, 12.9L, 420HP, test vedio: . We standardingly public to users starting ability as 250HP to avoid crazy use.





250x177x153mm (L/W/H)





Output 1:

12V/24V(jump start)

Output 2:

5V/3A(digital devices)

Starting current:


Peak current:


Full charging time:

about 5 hours

Operating temperature:



>1000 cycles


1.Emergency power to jump start 12V &24V power off vehicles;

2.Back-up power to charge cellphones, laptops and other digital devices;

3.Integrated LED light: torch, flashing, SOS;

When to use:

1.Leave vehicle unsed for a long time;

2.Vehicle battery aged;

3.Forget to turn off vehicle lights;

4.Vehicle battery freezing to be inactive;

5.Even vehicle battery broken.


1: What type of battery is in the Veestb?

A: Grade A Lithium-Ion battery cells that are UL certified and approved for safety.

2: What type of batteries can I use the Veestb on?

A: It can be safely used on any 12-volt lead-acid battery, such as, Wet, Gel, Maintenance-Free, Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) and AGM.

3: Can I use the Veestb to jump start another lithium battery?

A: No. Lithium batteries are sensitive to how current is applied to the battery. Jump starting a lithium battery could become extremely dangerous and may cause harm to nearby property and personal injury.

Unique Voltage Switching Technology

Smart Box 30

Other brand

Voltage Switching Technology



Reaction Time



High Current Discharge

The starting current is shared by 24 pcs of MOSFETs, so the generated heat is equally shared.

Only one relay to swtich output and it has to take all heat generated by the strong current. And the relay cannot stand starting current for more than 500A.

Service Life

High quality MOSFETs with low internal resistance and high current endurance can support 20,000 times of switching.

As physical switching device it can only support 200-500 times of use.

Voltage Stwitching

Smooth and quiet, no visible spark

Make huge sound with visible spark


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