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Brief Instructions For The Installation Of Battery Starter
Jan 08, 2019

1. The battery rack shall be installed in place: three layers of acid-proof insulating rubber pads shall be laid, namely, one layer at the bottom of the rack and one layer under each layer of the 2-layer battery.

2. Power connection method on the switching switch: the main power line from the starting motor is connected in the middle of the switching switch, the standby starting battery power line is connected above, and the main starting battery line is connected below. In the figure, the red power line is positive pole, and the green power line is negative pole. (the line before the battery holder, diesel engine needs to be switch off all switches in the control panel and insurance, in order to prevent the accident happens, connect the line for recovery) after (when installing a starter motor main power cord, please note to shut down the power of the diesel engine control panel NaZhu charger, make sure that installing the main power cord immediately without electricity) (when installing a battery supply, mainly do not short circuit happens).

3. A pair of power cables (2, 1 red, 1 black) should be placed in the display screen under the battery rack to connect to the ac power supply 220v (for the standby starting battery charger), which is generally taken from the ac power supply of the main charger in the diesel control screen (please note that it is not allowed to operate live when connecting to the ac power supply). This pair of power supply needs to be laid through PVC pipe and serpentine pipe. This pair of ac power line wiring method (red is the live wire, black is the zero wire), battery rack display inside the live wire (red) is connected to 132, the zero wire is connected to 131, the wiring is good to remember to use the multimeter measurement, and then the 2 switches in the screen close.

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