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Notes On The Use Of Emergency Starting Power For Automobile
Jan 08, 2019

1. When we select the emergency starting power of the car, we must check in advance the current used by our car, so that we can choose a suitable emergency starting power. If the choice is not appropriate, we will have a lot of trouble in using it.

2. When we don't use it in normal times, we need to charge it after a long period of time, so that we can keep the circuit unobstructed in the emergency starting power supply, make it more convenient for us in the next use, and improve the service life of our emergency starting power supply.

3. When we buy emergency starting power, we must ensure the quality, especially the after-sales service. It is convenient for us to meet some problems in the future and we don't know how to solve them.

4. The emergency starting power of the car cannot be used frequently, which may affect the effect of our use. A full charge can be used for about five times, and then we need to charge it.

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