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Teach You Three Steps To Choose A Car Emergency Starting Power
Jan 08, 2019

In recent years, along with the automobile unceasing popularization, many automobile articles for use also unceasingly innovates. The innovation of vehicle supplies increases, of course, not for the majority of car owners to provide convenient ignition of the car emergency starting power supply, and this power supply can also be mobile phones and other mobile devices charging, is almost the owners of the necessary magic tool. So, now the market so many auto emergency starting power, how to choose and buy convenient, safe, good performance products?

A, see, is to see the appearance of the car emergency starting power supply, work, size and process. See exterior do manual work from which a few respects look? We can look at the seam of the shell to see whether the seam line is wide, whether there are burrs, and whether there are oil stains. It feels good to the touch. The advanced technology is comfortable to the touch. Whether the upper and lower cover or the place where the parts are combined is neat, whether the clearance is even, whether the shell is smooth and smooth. These details can be viewed under light or sunlight, and if there are flaws in these areas, they will be most obvious when viewed against light. Finally, the color is not right, whether the color is very natural, there are no impurities, in addition to these, also pay attention to the surface color whether there are color differences or black spots.

Two, choose, it is to point to choose manufacturer, choose brand. The popularity of auto emergency starting power supply in the market is not long, at present, there should not be a few well-known auto emergency starting power brand, but there are many large factories to enter. Below this kind of circumstance, be about to everybody to do homework more before the choice, go on the net inquires manufacturer data more. Generally speaking, professional manufacturers are more reliable than small workshop brands. Older players are more trusted than newcomers. In addition, the choice of automotive emergency starting power supply, the best choice to the polymer battery for the battery power supply. Compared with the common 18650 lithium battery, polymer lithium battery has better safety and longer service life.

Three, test, it is to point to oneself test, see the actual effect of power supply. Here we will teach you some tips, to test a car start everyone will feel more trouble, but the car emergency start power can also be used to charge the phone, you can check the phone to see the car emergency start power. If circumstances permit, you can use less electricity car emergency launch power, to fast without electricity or charging the mobile phone has been shut down due to no electricity, see if I can work normally, such can generally detection circuit design of a power supply, if there is a condition, can choose apple IPHONE this is strictly for charging mobile phone brand.

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