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Use Of Emergency Starting Power For Automobile
Jan 08, 2019

1. Pull up the manual brake, put the clutch in neutral, and check the starter switch, which should be in OFF gear.

2. The emergency starter should be placed on a stable ground or a non-mobile platform, away from the engine and belt.

3. Connect the red positive electrode clip (+) of the "emergency starter" to the positive electrode of the battery without power. And make sure the connection is firm.

4. Connect the black auxiliary clamps (-) of the "emergency starter" to the grounding post of the car, and make sure the connection is firm.

Check the correctness and fastness of the connection.

6. Start the car (no more than 5 seconds). If the first start is unsuccessful, the interval should be more than 5 seconds.

7. Remove the negative pole clamp from the grounding column after success.

8. Remove the "emergency starter" (commonly known as "crossing the river dragon") red positive pole clip from the positive pole of the battery.

9. Charge the battery after use.

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