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What Is The Power Of A Car?
Jan 08, 2019

We are in the process of car trading, we must have road test, however, in the process of road test must consider the vehicle power, so, what is the car power?

The dynamic performance of a car refers to the process of driving in a straight line on a good road surface. The corresponding driving performance can be determined by the longitudinal external force, and the average driving speed can be achieved. From this definition, we can see that for a road, it must be a good road surface, whether it is horizontal or uphill, and the movement mode can adopt the process of driving in a straight line. For external force factors, the foundation of the movement can be determined by the longitudinal external force, so that it can reach a certain capacity.

For athletic ability, there are three main indicators, such as the maximum speed of the car, the acceleration time, and the maximum climb. A vehicle travelling on a good level road is said to have the highest speed if it can reach the highest speed. For the acceleration time, it is usually the acceleration time of starting in the same place, and the acceleration time of overtaking, which indicates the acceleration ability of the car. "T" refers to the time of starting in place. Generally, it is first gear or second gear to start and gradually change gears. When driving to a certain predetermined distance, the time required by the speed is required. It's the time to start where you started. The acceleration time of overtaking can also be denoted by "t". For some cars with the highest and the second highest gear, whose speed is around 30 or 4, the time taken to accelerate at full speed on some highways is denoted by "t".

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